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3Dtotal Speed Sculpting - ZBrush ebook with DVD Empty

3Dtotal Speed Sculpting - ZBrush ebook with DVD

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3Dtotal Speed Sculpting - ZBrush ebook with DVD Empty 3Dtotal Speed Sculpting - ZBrush ebook with DVD

Messaggio  speedychamp il Mer Dic 28, 2011 7:17 am

3Dtotal Speed Sculpting - ZBrush ebook with DVD | 2.84 GB

This series of ZBrush tutorials orientates around speed and efficiency and how to achieve detailed sculpts within a few hours. Each of the ten chapters focuses on a different character topic ranging from mythical creatures such as the Minotaur and Cyclops, to pirates and monsters. With over seven hours of video footage and covering ninety seven pages this eBook provides an insight into the working methods of eleven professional artists. Each individual showcases their particular approach to the subject and treats us to an exhibition of both theartistic and technical skills that form the backbone of their creative process.

The artists explain the key stages involved in transforming a base mesh into a final design and detail the principal brushes used to sculpt and refine the mesh, as well as the principal tools used to pose the characters.

By encompassing a variety of proven contributors, this eBook offers a comprehensive set of tutorials valuable to both aspiring ZBrush artists and those already familiar with the package.

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